Zeta® Lam

To create Zeta® Lam, Zeta® Cap is attached to a B-stage bonding film capable of filling circuits and vias for ultra-thin HDI build-up structures with improved transmission line performance.

Zeta® Cap’s unique liquid cast polyimide film is bonded to copper foil in a high temperature furnace not found in PCB factories. This C-stage layer is laminated to a proprietary B-stage bonding film called Zeta® Bond. The C-stage polyimide film acts like the glass dielectric in conventional prepreg. It provides an ultra-thin, guaranteed copper-to-copper Z-axis standoff as thin as 12 microns with no glass. Zeta Bond’s high flow and leveling characteristics allow it to fill vias and between traces without adding to overall package thickness. Zeta Lam’s bonding film is unlike traditional film adhesives. It has a low CTE, high Tg and high Td, which makes it suitable for sequential lamination cycles and higher layer HDI structures.

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Zeta® Cap

Pad cratering, which Zeta® Cap eliminates, is being recognized as a serious and evolving challenge for the PCB industry. It is a mechanically induced fracture in the resin between the copper foil and the outermost layer of fiberglass in a printed circuit board. The pad can remain connected to the component leaving a “crater” on the surface of the PCB board. It is impossible to detect without cross-sectioning a failed board. Zeta® Cap virtually prevents pad cratering, once laminated to the surface as a cap, by acting as a shock absorber to prevent fracture formation.

Zeta® Cap, a glass-free laminate produced by Integral Technology (www.integral-hdi.com), a manufacturer of HDI electronic materials for the printed circuit board industry, has received US Patent No. 8,188,373. The patent was filed as an improved insulating layer for rigid printed circuit boards. Zeta® Cap and other related laminates have become the products to watch as these new dielectric films offer sweeping solutions as to how printed circuit boards can be constructed.The game-changing films are a family of several proprietary materials designed to help OEMs and printed circuit fabricators compete with new demands in electronics manufacturing brought on by the need for miniaturization, multiple lamination cycles, and high thermal and electrical properties.


The results from using Zeta products are nothing short of extraordinary and well worth quality assurance provided by certification. Newly patented Zeta® Cap is a copper-clad, high Tg C-stage glass-free laminate designed to eliminate pad cratering in circuit board assembly. Zeta® Lam, a related dielectric film, allows ultra-thin HDI buildup layers (down to 12 microns) with improved thickness uniformity and transmission line performance. Zeta® Bond is a proprietary glass-free B-stage bonding film capable of filling circuits and vias. The Zeta laminates are precision applied to exacting specifications. To ensure rigorous standards of installation are met, PCB fabricators must commit to a Zeta® certification program where process and equipment are brought into the standards required by these sophisticated glass-free dielectric laminates. This quality-assurance recognition indicates to OEMs, original equipment manufacturers, which fabricators are Zeta-certified.

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Zeta® Bond

Zeta Bond is a semi cured Hi Tg epoxy based adhesive film for bonding, via filling and embedding devices in a variety of electronics applications.  The unique high flow bonding film presses into vias and spaces or out the sides of the panel leaving little to no resin between the PCB circuitry and the dielectric layer above it.  The result is that Zeta Bond helps build thinner structures, especially when used together with ultra-thin glass free Zeta Lam dielectric films. The film is supplied on a carrier and can be tack laminated with hot roll or vacuum laminated and still maintain “B” stage characteristics. The carrier is removed prior to final lamination/curing.

Please download our Zeta® Bond Data Sheet for more information.

Ormet™ Paste


Ormet™ sintering materials technology  is used within printed circuits boards to provide high electrical, thermal conductivity and adhesion to the PCB substrates. These interlayer electrical interconnects enable a next generation of high density, high performance PCBs by eliminating the need for back-drilling and high-aspect-ratio plated through holes.

Market requirements for hand held mobile and pocketsize devices are driving circuit board technology to stacked microvia interconnect technology. Ormet supplies sintering interconnect materials with process knowledge and Intellectual Property Rights in TLPS technology designed to enable high performance PCB designs. Fabricators using Ormet`s technology are capable of manufacturing micro-via products and high-layer count boards which offer the best signal integrity for high speed transmission.


CB series of Conductive Inks

Your Connection to Create and Shield Circuits

  • CB100 - Conductive Via Fill
  • CB102 - Next Generation Conductive Via Fill
  • CB200 - Rgid Copper Shielding & Circuit Formations
  • CB028 - Flexible Silver Shielding
  • CB230 - Print Additive Circuits
  • CB500 - Temporary Conductor for Electroplating (Bus Bar)
  • CB459 - Thin, High Adhesion Platable Seed Layer
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